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Aeroquip Cooling Systems, offers Engineering Design, Supply, Installation, Servicing, Testing and Commissioning of Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration systems solutions for the Marine and Offshore industries.

With decades of experience in the HVAC equipments manufacturing, supply and services, Aeroquip has developed a reputation of excellence and today manufacturing high quality HVAC products unmatched in the industry.

Aeroquip has become the leading engineering firm in the design ,manufacturing and commissioning of HVAC projects for clients across India. Whether new systems or upgrading the existing HVAC plants, we have the depth of experience required to respond to client’s needs. Our strength is our ability to turn the challenges into opportunities.

Marine Air conditioning is a highly specialized area and Aeroquip is ideally placed to offer its customers a world class quality product design and development and dedicated services. Aeroquip provides innovative Marine climate control solutions, customized products and systems to meet specific customer requirements for Marine Air conditioning and Refrigeration technology.

Aeroquip is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Refrigeration systems for the Maritime industry in India.

With the on-going product development and technology Aeroquip offers a high value products to the customers which enables them to significantly reduce operating costs, save on precious space and weight and satisfy new environmental standards designed to enhance the quality of life in the always demanding conditions.

Aeroquip has the honor and distinction of being one of the leading manufacturers of the indigenously designed and developed Marine AC units for the Indian Naval Defence ships.

Aeroquip has excellent in-house Design and testing capabilities and suggests solutions for the system optimization , offers services for the Mechanical design, instrumentation, automation and controls. The services also include modification and up gradation of existing HVAC plants and equipments.

Aeroquip is registered with Indian Navy (DGQA-N) , Defence PSU’s and various shipyards in India.

Marine HVAC products meet the guidelines, quality standards and testing of Air conditioning and Refrigeration equipments as per MIL, AHRI and ASHRAE.

Aeroquip Cooling Systems is ABS certified and conforms to Design & Quality Management Systems, ISO 9001:2015.


Quality Policy

Aeroquip aims to be the market leader and the preferred manufacturer supplier of HVAC and Refrigeration Systems for the Marine and Offshore industries by offering:

  • Superior quality and world class products.
  • Excellent technical supports and services.
  • High quality products and services at competitive price and continually improve the products and services to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

HVAC Product Design & Manufacturing

Air conditioning and Refrigeration Product Design involves:

  1. Analysis of Refrigerant types, enthalpy, and mass flow to arrive at and select the proper refrigerant compressors.
  2. Heat transfer design to size finned tube heat exchangers functioning as Evaporator/condenser coils , shell and tube / tube in tube heat exchangers , to function as water cooled condensers.
  3. Evaporator fan selection for conditioned air circulation with proper flow rate (depending on comfort area served and specific requirements).
  4. Condenser air circulation fans (for Air cooled AC products).
  5. All two-phase flow heat transfer & hydrodynamics to be designed and analyzed for estimated ship design pitch/roll angle.
  6. All the structural /panel components shall be made from relatively thinner gauge materials multi-formed to increase the section modulus /rigidity to keep the weight low.
  7. Vibration isolators provision for compressors /unit to be analyzed and checked for three directional gravity load taking capacity.
  8. The Fans are to be spark resistant(if desired).
  9. Power supply & control panel with suitable enclosure protection and Electromagnetic Interference protection /compatible with minimum IP-65 Protection and Fire rated protection (if application demands).

Turnkey Projects:

Aeroquip provides solutions for the comprehensive HVAC turnkey projects to a wide range of offshore and Marine applications, including Jack up Rigs, Semi – submersible drilling Platforms, Lift Boats, Bulk Carriers, Accommodation Barges, ROV support vessels and Platform support vessels.

The turnkey project solutions involve engineering design, supply, and installation, testing and commissioning of new HVAC systems, provision plant and ventilation systems complying with class requirements.

ISO Certification: